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 Once again in less than 4 months Young Khan Tha Don is back with an explosive new album entitled: “The Hu$tle & Flo Project”. We don't know how he manages to pull it off, but the prolific writer has written and recorded another CD.


This time around, he's managed to continue to stretch his boundaries and proved that he still can go at it with the best of ‘em. With songs like “Private Dancer”, a sexy stripper song with a twist between a husband and his wife in the privacy of their own homes and songs like “Goin’ Hard”, Khan shows his range and that his skills are on the incline.


But don't take our word for it, purchase your download link today and listen for yourself.

As he stated on his last release (available now) just 4 short months ago, he WORKS!!! Did we mention that he even wrote a book ( also available now) in between albums as well??? Maybe that's why he named this one “The Hu$tle & Flo Project.”

iWork Audio Book


Damon Jones, also known as Young Khan Tha Don, has more than 25 years of experience as a successful, independent rap artist, entrepreneur and "Motivational Spitter". His unconventional and unique communication style, has captivated, cultivated and inspired hundreds and thousands of youth across the country.


Mr. Jones' Associate Degree in Business Administration, along with Technical Certificates in Business and Accounting, compliments his ability to reach the youth, teach them positive self-imagery, encourage entrepreneurship, and life skills that help them to practice "self-leadership".

Young Khan or as he's affectionately called, "Brother D", due to his passion for helping and inspiring young people, can be seen in the movie "Tupac Resurrection"as personal security for the legendary and iconic rapper Tupac Shakur. Young Khan has also worked in different capacities with Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, No-limit Records, DMX, Common, Kanye West and Tech N9ne to name a few.


Mr. Jones is currently serving as the Northwest Indiana representative for the powerful and influential group known as Hip-Hop DETOXX, a public health organization that deals specifically with at risk and problematic youth.


He believes that our youth are the best generation ever produced, they just need the 3 greatest of all gifts: right guidance, the knowledge of self and knowledge of the Creator. For it is only when we love ourselves that we can truly love others.


Young Khan understands that the youth have a special language that very few adults can speak to reach them, but he can, and that's why he's not just a motivational speaker, but he's a Motivational Spitter







Young Khan Tha Don - iWORK Music CD 2017



All songs produced by KendallPBeatz except: *"Handle My Bidness", produced by Tizone for Hitlanders Music. Mixed & Mastered By: M80 of G.S.P. MUSIC & FILM


Track List (Some songs are only available with full CD Purchase):


 1. Khan!
2. Snap
3. Spittin for Tech N9ne (prelude)
4. U Next (feat. Father Tyme)
5. We Wild
6. Murder
7. Will Speaks (interlude)
8. iWORK
9. iK.H.A.N. Enterprises
10. Do My Thang
11. Get It Together
12. Eric Speaks (interlude)
13. 24/7
14. Transformer
15. *Handle My Bid Ness

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