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 I am C. Gilbert, but most people know me as "M80", Founder, President and C.E.O. of

Ghetto Sounds Production (G.S.P. Music & Film)

I started my company in 1993 and registered it in 2004. G.S.P. is based out of the Midwest, Gary Indiana to be exact.  

I've been involved in music since 1985 as a DJ, rapper, writer, composer, producer, director.  The majority of music that I work with is Rap, Hip/Hop and R & B, but I also have skills in working with Rock, Alternative, Techno,Gospel and classical music as well.  When composing, I draw from all genres of music to complete a vision. 

During my career, i've mentored and worked with many great artists and producers such as M-hype, Yak,  

BreakBread and chris-style (too many more to name) i also have a great support team.

            In the last ten years, with the help of " ToneStarr Design " and " The T.G.C. Network ", G.S.P. has expanded into videography, producing short films and music videos.

Now G.S.P. Film & Music is a full recording studio from the beginning of the writing process, to the final Mixing and mastering of music and video.

I am dedicated to the artist and their project. I offer more than just a beat and a mic.......

G.S.P. Music & Film is not just a studio...... it is a family!!!!!



Much Love To My Family!!!!


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