The Hustle & Flo Project

by Young Khan Tha Don

Released 02/01/2018
iKhan Ent.
Released 02/01/2018
iKhan Ent.
Intricate rhyming, versatility and pure talent over bangin' tracks
Once again in less than 4 months Young Khan Tha Don is back with an explosive new album entitled: “The Hu$tle & Flo Project”. We don't know how he manages to pull it off, but the prolific writer has written and recorded another CD.

This time around, he's managed to continue to stretch his boundaries and proved that he still can go at it with the best of ‘em. With songs like “Private Dancer”, a sexy stripper song with a twist between a husband and his wife in the privacy of their own homes and songs like “Goin’ Hard”, Khan shows his range and that his skills are on the incline.

But don't take our word for it, purchase your download link today and listen for yourself.
As he stated on his last release (available now) just 4 short months ago, he WORKS!!! Did we mention that he even wrote a book ( also available now) in between albums as well??? Maybe that's why he named this one “The Hu$tle & Flo Project.”

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