by Young Khan Tha Don

Released 09/01/2017
iK.H.A.N. Enterprises
Released 09/01/2017
iK.H.A.N. Enterprises
Intricate rhyming, versatility and pure talent over bangin' tracks
Young Khan Tha Don also known as "Tha' Dude in Tha Suit", says he wears suits, white gloves and even masks when he performs because after he kills the competition, he's already dressed for their funeral.
Khan has worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Tech N9ne.
Prepare to be blown away by intricate rhyming, versatility and pure talent over bangin' tracks...His bars are clean, like he is.
He's branded and turned himself into the ultimate hustler who handles his bidness. "iWORK" is a classic independent album that was done from me recording to the artwork in a record setting 12 HOURS!!!!

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