The Take Over 2008

by Various Artists

Released 2008
Released 2008
The hottest music in the mid-west. Now you know.
The take Over cd consists of artist from the gary - chicago area that banned together to produce a cd. it took a lot of hard work, but they made it happened. The cd was recorded at the G.S.P. studio by executive producer Clent Gilbert.
it contains new and up comming artists such as, mc gutta, the million dolla chick,jb scratch, M-80, blunt, father tyme, potential, mic dubb, cartell, i.v.o.e., allamus, kaotik and jon doe. it also contains music composed by new and up comming music producers such as, head trauma, ephyze,hott wax, dj killa and katastophy

all the artist and composers believe in one thing, supporting the mid-west music style. we hope you enjoy the cd and help us get our message to the rest of the world.

thanks for the support
clent gilbert
president and founder of G.S.P.

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