Performed by: Halo, Mic Dubb & M80
Written by: Halo, Mic Dub & M80


This track was created by M-Hype of Head Trauma Music.



The creativity of this song was magical and inspired by M-Hype. M-Hype

is truly gifted and talented at his musical compositions.


One Shot featured Halo at the beginning of his career. Halo had the first verse

as a rapper and he sang the chorus as well, all raw auto tune,

and showed that he could keep up with the best.


Mic Dub

Mic Dub has always been and will be a lyrical genius. Mic Dub can always

put feelings into a song and make you understand the content.


This Song was recorded & mixed by M80, he also appeared

on this song on the third verse.

This song was a very heart felt song.

We hope you enjoy it!!!